Covid-19 Guidelines, Policies

& Safety Protocols 

GUIDELINES & POLICY (as of September 2020)

Take A Bow guidelines and policies are subject to change without notice.

All parents and adult students will need to sign a mandatory participation waiver on the parent portal prior to the first class. 


  • Students will be dropped off for their class. We ask that they bring as few items as possible into the studio.

  • Students must wait in their cars until the previous class has vacated the building. Once the studio is vacated and cleaned, the next class can drive up to the studio door one at a time.

  • Students will be allowed into the studio only 5 minutes prior to class start time and only when accompanied by a staff member. 

  • Parents and family members will not be allowed into the studio except in the case of an emergency. 

  • After class, students will be released one at a time to meet up with their parents waiting in their car.  Please exercise caution in our parking lot and be respectful of those picking up or dropping off their child. If you prefer to park your car and walk to the studio door to pick up your child, please respect social distancing. 

  • We ask that students be picked up promptly.

  • There will be no gathering or congregating in the waiting room or parking lot. 


  • Students will be supplied with their own script/folder at the start of the semester. We ask that students bring their CLEARLY LABELED supplies (script, pencil, highlighter and water bottle) to class each week!We will not be offering borrowed scripts, pencils or highlighters.

  • Students will be assigned designated spot in their classroom, clearly marked at 6ft intervals.

  • Only one student at a time will be allowed to use the bathroom. 

  • No food is allowed in the building. 

  • The drinking fountain will not be in use. All students must bring their own clearly labeled water bottle from home. 

  • There will be no lost and found. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS BROUGHT INTO THE STUDIO!

  • We can only schedule a makeup class if there is room as we cannot go over the allowable number. If you cannot attend your class, kindly let us know as early as possible so we may let someone else come in your place. Those requesting to make up a class must contact the studio to inquire about class availability. 


    We will be incorporating multiple 5-minute-breaks where students can take their mask off, relax and have a drink of water only when in their designated spot.

  • The filters in our HVAC system have been upgraded to reduce indoor air pollutants that are airborne (merv13) as well as increasing the outside airflow within the studio.

  • There will be a HEPA Air Purifiers in each classroom. 

  • CDC approved safety signs will be displayed throughout the studio.

  • Class sizes are limited to 5-10 students.

  • Students and staff will have their temperature checked upon arrival with a contact-free thermometer and be asked questions about their health before they enter the studio.

  • Anyone showing the slightest signs of illness or a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4F will not be allowed to take class and will be asked to wait at least 72 hours after symptoms have resolved without medication before returning. 

  • Students must wash their hands and/or sanitize upon entering the studio and halfway through class. 

  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and in the lobby.

  • 6ft spaces will be clearly marked in each classroom. Clear plastic partitions will be stationed between each student as an added layer of protection and so that they can maintain a safe distance while singing, dancing and acting.  (These partitions were removed June 2021)

  • Jackets and backpacks will be kept separate and at a safe distance in designated areas of the studio.

  • The use of props/equipment during class will be limited and sterilizing after each use.

  • Every room in the studio will be disinfected after each class using a spray machine/fogger with CDC approved disinfectant. 


We will offer virtual classes for those students who do not feel ready to be back in the classroom. (As of July 2021 we are no longer offering virtual classes)


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