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Studio Procedures & 
Safety Guidelines

Take A Bow guidelines and policies are subject to change without notice.


All parents and adult students will need to sign a mandatory participation waiver on the parent portal prior to the first class. 


Please note that our policies regarding Covid-19 will be updated as needed in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

All Take A Bow employees are fully vaccinated! 

  • Mask wearing is optional.

  • The filters in our HVAC system have been upgraded to reduce indoor air pollutants that are airborne (merv13) as well as increasing the outside airflow within the studio.

  • There is a HEPA Air Purifier in each classroom. 

  • Anyone showing the slightest signs of illness or a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4F will be sent home and asked to wait at least 72 hours after symptoms have resolved without medication before returning to class.

  • Students must wash their hands and/or sanitize upon entering the studio.

  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are available in every classroom.

  • Every room in the studio is disinfected multiple times per week using a spray machine/fogger with CDC approved disinfectant. 

Should CDC guidelines delegate that we must close our studio, will offer virtual classes for our students. 


  • Students will be dropped off for their class. We ask that they bring as few items as possible into the studio.

  • Students will be allowed into the studio only 5 minutes prior to class start time and only when accompanied by a staff member. 

  • After class, students will be released one at a time to meet up with their parents waiting outside.  Please exercise caution in our parking lot and be respectful of those picking up or dropping off their child. 

  • We ask that students arrive on time and be picked up promptly.


  • Students will be supplied with their own script/folder at the start of the semester. We ask that students bring their CLEARLY LABELED supplies (script, pencil, highlighter and water bottle) to class each week! 

  • All students should bring their own clearly labeled water bottle from home.

  • Those requesting to make up a class must contact the studio to inquire about class availability. 

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